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« I die a little bit everyday … that’s why I don’t care … I may be already dead when I die … »

That’s true, Peter really cares about nothing. Even for himself.

As in a long lasting depression.

Pieter is a Dutch painter, ending up in Toulouse 6 years ago. He fortunately earns a little pension since the beginning of the year, allowing him to stay at a hotel from time to time. He never stays too long, rapidly oppressed within four walls …

By the way, those little breathing times may end soon, as the pension may be suspended …

I met him almost a year ago. I was looking forward to begin my photographic work about people living in the streets, and I finally spent a lot of time with him, making the most of this fulfilling encounter. Maybe this was due to his artistic way of seeing the world?

I still meet him from time to time, and this work is still in progress.