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When I started this set, I wished I could produce a new kind of form inspired by calligraphy.

I wanted to write in a both vigorous and delicate way, as the best calligraphists do. And in order to “write”, I wanted to combine bodies, cloth and light.

I’ve always been moved by the artistic work of dancers, circus performers, and every people using their bodies to express something.
And those researches about the body always come back in my work …
Each time I witness choreography, or any exhibition, each image and feeling sticks to my eye and my soul, as a retinal persistence … And I’m thrilled by the overwhelming power of each movement, full of force and emotion.

I wanted to bring those elements into a studio, in order to try and tame them.

I want to thank the dancers Jean David, Pierre Vu-Van-Kha et Anne Deroo who joined me for this experience.